10 Most WTF Families Shopping At Walmart

Funny pictures of the weirdest people at Walmart.
Often all it takes to make you really feel great about your family members is looking through a bunch of pictures of WTF family members shopping at Walmart. Walmart has ended up being a hub for some strange things and individuals, as appears by the web site People of Walmart. The website highlights unusual as well as disturbing things that go on in the aisles of the shop, as well as it's ended up being a "point" to
photograph people who look and also clothe unfortunate while patronizing the large box discount rate leviathan.

Seriously, there's everything from people dressed in fox outfits to ladies pushing around goats in purchasing carts to guys's butt splits coming totally from their pants. And then there are the awkward family members pictures, which are a whole new degree of WTF. An ideal example: The mommy that popped her bust out while on a mobile buying cart to bust feed her youngster. Or the mom that was pushing around her daughter on a purchasing cart while she had a plastic bag over her head. As well as dads aren't off the hook, either. One man dragged his son behind him on the floor while wheeling around on his motorized purchasing cart.

Whatever it is they're doing, these family members triumph in terms of embarrassing Walmart stints. From dressing like twin cheetahs to earning their son walk around with a huge indication that checks out "I'm a liar" around his neck, these are the 10 most WTF families patronizing Walmart.

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