9 Telfar Bag Dupes That Get You The Look for Less

Ah, the Telfar shopping bag. If you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to snag one of these ‘’It Bags,” you’re surely the envy of everyone who knows you. If you’re like the rest of us and simply cannot get your hands on one, solidarity, my friend.

Why Is the Telfar Bag so Popular?

Thanks in part to being named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things at the end of 2020, the Telfar bag quickly became the most coveted bag of 2021, and its scarcity has kept it in high demand this year, too. 

Called the “Bushwick Birkin” by many, with a nod to the brand’s headquarters in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, it is a surprisingly basic tote bag with a shockingly affordable price tag. With three sizes, a small, medium and large option in each colorway available, the largest bag is only $257, which makes it much more accessible than most other “It Bags” (we’re looking at you, Birkins and Fendi baguettes). But the versatility of the bags, the absolutely stunning, bright colorways, that perfect top handle and signature T logo have all helped make the Telfar the illusive must-have it is.

What might be most surprising about the Telfar bag, however, is the lack of true dupes out there. While there are usually knock-offs galore of designer bags, you’d be hard pressed to find bags that are obvious dupes for the Telfar.

How We Chose Our Telfar Bag Dupes

Since we’ve always got you handled on the dupe-front from Golden Gooses that look almost like the real thing to Bogg Bag dupes that could fool an actual Bogg Bag owner, we clearly won’t leave you in the Bushwick Birkin lurch. We rounded up nine dupes in various sizes to help fill that Telfar shopping bag void in your life. Of course, you’re not going to see a bunch of bags with faux T logos, which would definitely give that true dupe feel, but here’s what we did find:

  1. Bags with a similar shape: Telfar bags have square lines and that wide bottom, so they stand upright on their own. These bags do, too.
  2. Bags with a similar size: Sure, the large Telfar tote is a dream as a carryall, but we have you covered if you’re looking for that small Telfar, too.
  3. Bags with a similar aesthetic: Telfar bags are made of a gorgeous, soft leather, have amazing colors and very low profile straps. All our dupes check those same boxes, and have a very similar vibe.

The icing on the cake is that all these chic alternatives are also under $79.99 (most under $50), making even the actual Telfar look pricey.

Montana West Tote Bags

Montana West Tote Bags
Image: Montana-West.com

What Makes it a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: One of the huge selling points for Telfar bags is the brightly colored hues they come in, and this dupe also offers a variety of fun, colorful options.

Positive Review: No customer reviews yet.

$79.99 at Montana-West.com

Zebra Stripe Print Shopper Bag

Zebra Stripe Print Shopper Bag at SHEIN
Image: SHEIN.com

What Makes it a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: With the same sharp straight lines and ample storage, this dupe has a very similar look, and is a great carry all (although smaller than the medium sized Telfar).

Positive Review: “Loving this handbag, very simple but elegant at the same time! Easy to carry around as it feels like an eco bag, but leather. I love it and using it all the time from now on!”

$8 at SHEIN.com

Shopper at H&M

Shopper at H&M
Image: HM.com

What Makes It a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: The size is almost identical to the medium Telfar shopper and while it doesn’t have the combo short and long straps like the Telfar, the strap length is a good middle length that works for both over-the-shoulder and holding like a handbag.

Positive Review: “Great! I wish the color was a little lighter, but it’s still a really nice brown. No pocket or anything inside, but I use a lot of small bags anyway for my purses, so it works well for me. I love how it stands so easily and is easy to get items in and out of. Straps are nice since thinner and stay on my shoulder better with bulky coats.”

$24.99 at HM.com

Kattee Tote Shoulder Bag

Kattee Tote Shoulder Bag
Image: Kattee.com

What Makes It a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: The navy and olive colors of this bag are excellent color matches to Telfar options, and it stands on its own like the original. (And dare we say the inner pockets on the dupe are actually a step above the one large space of the Telfar?)

Positive Review: “I love this bag! I get multiple compliments on it every week. I have been using it now for about 3 weeks, it’s very durable. Most highly recommended.”

$83.99 at Kattee.com

Unbrand Leather Tote Bag

Unbrand Leather Tote Bag at Walmart
Image: Walmart.com

What Makes It a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: This bag is comparable in size to the Small Telfar, and really offers the same vibe. It stands easily on its own, is made with sturdy leather and comes in five different colorways.

Positive Review: This product has no reviews.

$24.90 at Walmart.com

Collection XIIX Reversible Tote with Pouch

Collection XIIX Reversible Tote with Pouch
Image: Belk.com

What Makes It a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: With similar double top handles and a size that’s big enough for pretty much anything you need to bring with you, this bag is perfect for people who want a Telfar for its storage capabilities.

Positive Review: “Love this tote but it is huge! A bit too big for me to tote around. Great for traveling or mothers with babies/children!”

$31.20 (on clearance) at Belk.com

Minimalist Shoulder Tote Bag

Minimalist Shoulder Tote Bag
Image: Romwe.com

What Makes It a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: From the simplistic design to the wide enough width to keep the bag open and upright on its own, this bag has lots of similarities to the original.

Positive Review: This product has no reviews.

$13 at Romwe.com

Dreubea Leather Tote Bag

Dreubea Leather Tote Bag
Image: Walmart.com

What Makes It a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: This bag is very close in size to the medium Telfar bag, and some of the colorways are close to Telfar’s. It has the same basic design as a Telfar, and looks much more expensive than it is.

Positive Review: No consumer reviews yet.

$32.99 at Walmart.com

Pomelo Best Soft Leather Tote

Pomelo Best Soft Leather Tote
Image: Walmart.com

What Makes It a Good Telfar Bag Dupe: Super soft leather? Nailed it! A range of compliment-calling colors (we’re partial to the yellow)? Check. A sturdy bottom that won’t tip over during your day? That, too. 

Positive Review: “I decided to use this as a laptop tote. It’s perfect for what I need. It also has plenty of room for my small makeup bag as well as my notebooks for work.”

$29.99 at Walmart.com 

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