Amazon Deal of the Day: Oral-B iO7G Electric Toothbrush

amazon deal of the day oral b io7g electric toothbrush

Awhile back, I found out that my dad’s dentist had recommended that he get an electric toothbrush. My dad is not an easy one to come up with gift ideas for, so I was so excited to be able to gift him an electric toothbrush — and he has told me repeatedly how much he loves it!

If you are looking for a creative and unique gift idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, the Oral-B iO7G electric toothbrush is an Amazon Deal of the Day through May 2, 2022 and it’s priced at $150 (originally $200).

amazon deal of the day oral b io7g electric toothbrush 1

Get a Professional Clean Feel At Home, Every Day!

You know how great your teeth feel after you go to the dentist to get them cleaned? Well, the Oral-B iO was designed to give you a professional clean feel — at home, every single day!

The Oral-B iO is an electric toothbrush that combines the best-ever clinical performance with a superior
user experience, making it the industry’s most advanced brushing product. The Oral-B iO is a result of six years of dedicated research with dental professionals to ensure people have the best possible oral health outcomes at home. The Oral-B iO is the latest innovation from Oral-B, the #1 dentist-recommended
toothbrush brand worldwide, and is accepted by the American Dental Association.

amazon deal of the day oral b io7g electric toothbrush 2

A Few of the Features of the Oral-B iO:

  • Oral-B’s iconic round brush head shape now has a redesigned Ultimate Clean Brush Head featuring twisted and reinforced bristles that reach every contour for a deeper clean. Oscillation and rotational movements, plus micro-vibrations, combine to deliver a sensational brushing experience.
  • The Oral-B iO’s Smart Pressure Sensor is the first of its kind to provide positive feedback when users are brushing with just the right amount of pressure. The sensor warns of overpressure with a red light and turns green when users are applying the optimal cleaning pressure.
  • The Oral-B iO’s Interactive Display enables easy navigation through the brush features and personalization: welcoming greetings, choice of brushing modes, and reminders to change the brush head.
  • The Oral-B iO’s Visual Timer tracks each brushing session duration, so you’ll know when you have brushed for the dentist-recommended two minutes. Smiley icons on the display lets users know if they have achieved their goal.
  • The Oral-B iO comes with a sleek magnetic charger to provide a fast full charge in just ~3 hours and the display provides an easy-to-read battery indicator.
  • The Oral-B App provides real-time individual tracking and feedback thanks to an AI platform powered by thousands of recorded brushing sessions. With a simple and intuitive user interface, AI Brushing Recognition technology recognizes where you are brushing and guides users to ensure 100% coverage to ensure a professional clean feel.
amazon deal of the day oral b io7g electric toothbrush 3

Through tomorrow only, you can get the Oral-B iO7G Electric Toothbrush for just $150 (regularly $200) when you purchase it on Amazon’s Deal of the Day.

Go here to purchase it on Amazon.