Christmas Demolition

Christmas is cancelled.
including "Carol of the Bells" by Todd 'Lil Deuce Deuce' Bryanton ()
Behind the Scenes:

Composed and also Directed by Thomas Ridgewell ()
Stunt Sychronisation by Joe Golby ()
Cinematography as well as Colour Grading by Ciaran O'Brien ()
Music by Todd 'LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton ()
Audio Style by Dan Pugsley ()
Visual Effects by Andrew McMurry ()
Modified by Jack Howard ()
Makeup by Emma Pickles ()
Prop Design by Louise Fricker ()
Establish Design by Thalia Ecclestone ()
Extra Visual Impacts by Peter de Harder ()
Manufacturing Support by Chloe Dungate (), Jennifer Bingham () & Amy Man ()

Featuring Nathan Dyton as Youthful Tom ()
and Jonti 'MrWeebl' Picking as Toms Daddy ()
Studio Staff Fighters – Eldredd Wolf, Lianne Bowley, Matthew Rook, Anna Wilde, Francis Beraud, Eric Mitchell & Keith Wallis
Santa's Elves – Ed Youthful, Lewis Peploe, Dan Burman, Max Cormac & Matt Hargreaves
Santa – James Lawrence Bewley
Additionals – Michael Dean, Matt Amys, Jack Mace & Evan Edinger

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Unique many thanks to Marc Joynes, Kelly Greaves, Tom Ziebell, Gareth Barker, Luke Dyton as well as Sophie Semmens, and an enormous many thanks to YouTube for their support at the Creator Room in London!