Christmas Lights Gone Wild

Wow, this point has actually really gone nuts with the viewers. Allow me initial start by stating that this is not my residence. Regardless of exactly what any of the remarks read, this home truly does exist, I have seen it with my very own eyes and nothing you see in the video clip is trickery, it's all actual.
This display screen was the job of Carson Williams, a Mason, Ohio, electrical designer who spent about three hours sequencing the 88 Light-O-Rama networks that managed the 16,000 Christmas lights in his annual holiday illumination incredible (from Christmas 2004). His 2005 screen consists of over 25,000 lights that he spent almost 2 months and also $10,000 to link. So that the Williams' next-door neighbors aren't disturbed by constant noise, viewers driving by the house are informed by indicators to tune in to a signal program over a low-power FM radio station to listen to the music enhancement.

The rough quality of the video clip has led some customers to believe it was assembled in stop-action form from still photographs, but that is an artefact of the high compression used in the clip circulated using e-mail. Mr. Williams has actually posted directions for recreating his "Wizard in Winter months" sequencing, and one more of his choreographed Xmas light music programs could be watched here.

Carson's Christmas screen proved so preferred that it was included in a Miller Lite beer commercial in December 2005.