Dreamy and Dazzling Euphoria Inspired Looks To Recreate Tonight

Like many of its millions of adoring viewers, I was hooked on “Euphoria” — HBO Max’s exhilarating teen drama — by the first three minutes of the pilot episode. I voraciously consumed the first two seasons, enthralled by the hallucinatory images, stirring soundtrack and ridiculously good-looking cast. I didn’t know if I necessarily wanted to be friends with the troubled characters I saw on screen, but I did know one thing: I wanted their makeup. 

From the imagination of head makeup artist Doniella Davy, “Euphoria’s” iconic makeup is bold, unconventional and enchanting. Characters wear tears of glitter, razor-sharp winged liner, daring eyeliner and artfully arranged gemstones. 

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Davy often shares tips and tutorials on the makeup of Rue, Jules, Maddy, Kat and Cassie on her Instagram — so naturally, I, along with Euphoria makeup fanatics across the internet, have tried recreating the looks. Keep scrolling to see my (sometimes successful, sometimes less successful) attempts at recreating Euphoria-inspired makeup, and get tips and tricks on how to replicate the Euphoria aesthetic. 

Rue Euphoria Makeup — Glitter Tears

maria lelonde
Image: Maria Lelonde

In a trippy scene early in the first season, Rue takes drugs and cries tears of glitter. It’s a look that makes a reappearance in episode four’s Carnival scene when Rue wears sparkly triangles in a look Davy called “sad-clownish.” 

The iconic Euphoria glitter tears look is striking and simple. To recreate it, I started with a basic smoky eye using the Benin shade from the Juvia’s Place Warrior Eyeshadow palette and Stila liquid black eyeliner. Then, I painted triangles beneath my eyes with Karizma Glitter Glue before dabbing on the brand’s chunky Iridescent glitter. Note: For Rue’s original look, Davy says she used the Desert Dazzle Shade of the Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art, but I chose Karizma as my Euphoria glitter dupe because it’s more dramatic. 

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juvias place
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Maddie Euphoria Makeup — Eye Gems

maria lelonde 1
Image: Maria Lelonde

Tying with Rue’s glitter tears as the most recognizable Euphoria eye makeup look, Maddie’s artfully arranged eye gems are as dramatic and fabulous as she. I had a tougher time recreating this Euphoria aesthetic — painstakingly placing tiny rhinestones around your eyes was a tedious feat. Slowly but surely, however, I got the hang of the process, discovering that using a gemstone picker-upper tool (I think that’s what it’s called) really helps. 

Here’s a face gem application tip: place a dot of makeup glue on your face where you want the gem to go — don’t add the glue to the gem itself. 

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Jules Euphoria Makeup: Whisker Wings 

maria lelonde 3
Image: Maria Lalonde

In terms of Jules’ typical makeup, this look — which the makeup artist Donni Davy calls “little white whisker wings against terra-cotta eyelids” — is on the subtler side. It’s still super pretty and graceful, in addition to being straightforward to replicate. All it takes is a white liner — I prefer a liquid one for the sake of precision when drawing tiny lines, but a gel one works as well. 

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Kat Euphoria Makeup: Winged Red and Black Eyeliner

maria lelonde 4
Image: Maria Lalonde

Fierce and fearless, Kat Hernandez’s makeup is as rebellious as she is. Think sharp, thick-winged eyeliner, dark red lipstick and deep eye shadow. She rocked this winged-red-and-black-eyeliner look at the Winter Formal. 

This Euphoria eye makeup look seemed simple enough, but I had a hard time mimicking the sharpness of the liners. To make it easier on yourself, I recommend finding a thin, firm brush to use to apply the top black liner, and an equally thin and firm one to apply a bright red shade to your inner corners. Finish off the look with a red gemstone beneath each eye. 

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Lexi Euphoria Makeup — Sparkle Liner 

maria lelonde 2
Image: Maria Lalonde

Rocked by the smart, funny and totally Twee Lexi Howard, this sparkly eyeliner look adds dimension and contrast to your eye shape to create a subtle, yet mesmerizing effect. It’s also another easy one to recreate: I basically applied makeup as normal, then lined my lower lash with a silver liquid eyeliner. 

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Cassie Euphoria Makeup — True Romance

Image: @kirinrider / Instagram

In the Halloween episode during season one, Cassie went as a jaw-dropping Alabama Whitman from True Romance. To mimic the look, I applied a turquoise eye shadow base, which I covered with turquoise glitter. I complete the look with a pop of fire engine red lipstick. 

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Jules Euphoria Makeup: Claire Danes’ Juliet from Romeo & Juliet 

maria lelonde 6
Image: Maria Lalonde

Also in the Halloween episode, Jules dresses as Claire Danes’ Juliet in Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 movie version of Romeo & Juliet. She pairs angel wings and a white dress with dreamy, shimmery makeup. 

Davy achieved the look by attaching gold foil bits to the temples with eyelash glue, and finishing it off with glitter eyebrows. You’ll need a steady hand to get the gold flakes around your eye, but the payoff is pretty neat, right? 

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