Frisco Christmas Lights – Wizards in Winter

The tune is Wintertime by the Band. Video clip is from our 2005 Xmas display screen (note video clip upload date). We still do a display screen our backyard yearly.

– my home Xmas light display , TX (This is my 2005 video). I am not the man Ohio (I did not replicate his screen – we both just happened to utilize the same track '05). I have been developing huge range light displays because 2001 and also now do large range display screens for business and metropolitan customers addition to our home.

Update 11/7/2010: I have no idea why the prior remarks are being "flagged as spam" – it isn't really the video clip creator (me) flagging them. I did disable comments back in 2007 as a few of the language utilized by commentators was not efficient.