Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years” – Dana Kamide

Singer, Songwriter & Manufacturer Dana Kamide created this work of art Christmas parody that will have you coming in laughter as well as totally in the Xmas spirit! Dana created the verses as well as carries out vocals on this incredibly humorous Christmas tune which completely reveals how a lot of the folks in the USA feel today! – – George Baily pleads God to help Donald Trump "Make The U.S.A. Great Again"! A changed Hillary Clinton makes a shock look at the end so enjoy the total video to obtain a fantastic laugh! This parody is certainly from the prospective of a Trump supporter. Don't forget to check out "Whining Crying Rioting ParodyHere is the web link:

Democrats got shellacked in the last 3 political elections, not just this past November. Yet Obama and also the media are still aiming to comprise incorrect tales why Donald Trump was chosen as opposed to admit that for the last 8-10 years their policies have FAILED AMERICA! Always remember to subscribe and also LIKE Dana's Facebook web page:

Lyrics: It's One of the most Terrific Time in 8 Years

It's one of the most fantastic time in 8 years
Yet some children are objecting
While Trump followers spending their time with cheer
Sing "It's the most fantastic time in 8 years"

It's the hap-happiest voting period of all
With each team member Trump chooses, Democrats approximately their old techniques … Just trashing them all
yet It's the hap- happiest election period of all

There'll be one celebration organizing All 3 branches toasting
however just how reduced currently will certainly journalism go
They'll rotate misdirected stories Attempting to swipe Trump's magnificence
from a playbook created, long back

It's the most terrific time in 8 years
They'll be far more satisfaction a whole lot much less unemployment
Trigger Trump will certainly be near
It's one of the most terrific time in 8 years (increase).

Hillary's party's not hosing they're no longer toasting,.
Beyonce, Kanye, Cop Killers, Racists and also the Muslim Brotherhood.
They overlooked real stories of Hillary who wasn't sorry.
for her criminal activities now and also long ago.

Now It's one of the most terrific time in 8 Years.
We'll deport all the crooks, Taxes will certainly be minimal.
Bad profession deals go away.
It's one of the most terrific time.
of course one of the most fantastic time.
Oh the most remarkable time … in 8 years!

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