John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011 – The Long Wait

Download the Slow Relocating Millie track "Please, please, please" from our Xmas advert on itunes currently.

The advert from John Lewis which everyone's speaking about this Christmas. "For presents you can not wait to give". There is something much more remarkable compared to obtaining the perfect gift, which is understanding you have actually found the excellent present for a person you love. This year we have brought to life the feeling of exhilaration and also expectancy you obtain when you have discovered that ideal present for somebody as well as could not wait for Christmas day to arrive.

Our advert adheres to one little child that is impatiently counting to Christmas. We see him touching his fingers, gazing from the window, also attempting to cast a spell on a clock to make time go quicker, however to no avail. The track 'Please, Please, Please allow me obtain exactly what I want', was initially tape-recorded by the Smiths, as well as has been rerecorded by arising artist Slow Relocating Millie.