Mog The Clumsy Cat May Have Won The Christmas Ad Battle This Year

Mog The Clumsy Cat Could Have Gained The Christmas Advert Fight This Yr

Mog the cat sets off a series of unfortunate situations which nearly ruins Christmas for the Thomas domestic. The Christmas advert for the British grocery store chain, Sainsbury’s, is being regarded as one of the highest of the season up to now, and we agree!…
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funds PC for my mom’s XMAS present

She truly needs a new PC so I am planning on building her one. I have a gtx 560 just placing round my home so I can use that and it is going to be more than she is going to want. Might as smartly use it although. Provide me your thoughts on this. Without an OS(I have Win 7 I can use) it is under $300. What do you guys think about the CPU? Is there a better deal for a…
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Do not let those heathens get rid of our Christmas!

A season of peace and goodwill? Are you kidding? We’re at war, the warfare between the proper believers and those who find themselves trying to ruin Christmas as we know it. And the anti-Christmas forces aren’t even delicate about it. Simply have a look at Starbucks’ new, so-called seasonal cups. Yes, they are purple. As crimson because the communist flag. And that’s it, a red…
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