Shopping for a Billionaire

Ever before fulfill a hot billionaire while your hand's in a bathroom in the men's area of among his shops? No? So it truly is simply me. Hmm. When you're a secret customer, you get paid to embarrass yourself, done in the name of improving customer service. Romance isn't really in my work summary. However the day I met Declan McCormick it was love initially flush. Up until I virtually castrated him with my EpiPen. Exactly how Hot Guy and also Toilet Girl ended up being an item includes my insane mama, a journey to the Emergency Room, my homicidal feline, my fake spouse, and true love. Don't check out me like that. I'm just doing my job. I'm buying a billionaire.– The collection from New York Times bestselling author is a 600+ page, humorous charming comedy with heart, warm, as well as giggles. This boxed collection consists of the previously published: Shopping for a Billionaire 1 Shopping for a Billionaire 2 Shopping for a Billionaire 3 Shopping for a Billionaire 4 Christmas Shopping for a Billionaire