Stash Tea Christmas Eve Herbal Tea, 100 Count Box of Tea Bags in Foil

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Xmas Eve Herbal Tea

Developed especially for the vacations, this cheery organic blend of mint and wonderful flavors makes a warm, relaxing mug. Cinnamon presents spicy, pleasant flavor and also fragrance, orange peel adds a tangy citrus note, as well as spearmint adds trendy, fragrant accents. All-natural flavors of clove, vanilla and cinnamon create the ending up touch.

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A lot more Flavors to Try!

If you appreciate Christmas Eve Tea you should likewise attempt Stash White Christmas, Stash Cinnamon Vanilla, Stash The Holidays are Here Assortment, Stash Cranberry Pomegranate, as well as Stash Christmas Morning Teas.

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Our selection assortments enable you to example several of our flavors! We have environment-friendly, fruity herbal, exotic, natural, guyausa, holiday as well as black tea selections to name a few!

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Stockpile Organic Teas

We have fourteen licensed organic flavors in herbals, green and black teas. Numerous tastes are likewise Fair Trade accredited.

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Delicious Iced Teas from Stash Tea

Our 24/1 ounce iced teas been available in herbal, black and environment-friendly tea as well as are a revitalizing means to cool down during a hot day! Each mixture bag makes a gallon of iced tea, based on the flavor.

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Stock Tea Loose Teas

If you appreciate our tea bag tastes, you will certainly make certain to love our loosened tea! A lot of our flavors are marketed in 50 gram, 100 gram, as well as 1 extra pound packaging. Our resealable bag permit our teas to remain fresh.

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Stock Guayusa Tea

Our newest line, Guayusa stems from the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador as well as is generated from the leaves of a holly tree. Fair Trade as well as Organic licensed. Six different flavors to choose from consisting of Lemon, Mint, Yerba Mate & Ginseng, Chocolate, Chai, as well as Pure!