The Best Deal This Week: 30% Off Amazon Aware Balancing Face Moisturizer + Extra 10% Coupon

The best deal this week will help you put your best face forward–and helping the planet in the process. This week you can snag your own jar of Balancing Free Moisturizer by Amazon Aware for 30% off regular price–but the savings don’t stop there. On top of the already reduced price, RetailMeNot shoppers have the opportunity to save more with an additional 10% off coupon. You can help get your skin summer-ready and support the new wave of eco-conscious Amazon shopping.

If you haven’t yet heard of Amazon Aware, allow me introduce this new initiative by Amazon–just in time to celebrate Earth Day. Amazon Aware is an exclusive line of products that have received carbon neutral and feature certifications, that are shipped and sold by Amazon, and is an extension of the 2020 Climate Pledge Friendly program by Amazon. Recognizing the disconnect between climate conscious products and the shopping accessibility provided by Amazon services, the Amazon Aware line bridges the gap between the two. The Amazon Aware line features products from home goods to beauty and fashion; Amazon Aware products feature eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton and bio-based ingredients.

The weather is finally starting to warm up and planning for summer vacation is in full swing. The joy that this bit of normalcy brings may be hard to describe, but it isn’t hard to embrace. As we lean into day dreaming of sandy beaches and cool waters, we should also do so with respect to our planet–but how does that have anything to do with summer travel and shopping? Well, long gone are the days that one would sacrifice eco-friendly for product quality, and vice versa.

The Best Deal This Week

30% Off Amazon Aware Balancing Moisturizer + Extra 10% Off Coupon

Image: Amazon

Shopping for everyday climate conscious and ethically friendly items used to be akin to finding a needle in a haystack–especially on short notice. All this being said, it is safe to say that a lot has changed as far as normal goes these days–including our past eco-friendly shopping dilemmas. Although more and more brands have released products that are friendly to our planet, the process of obtaining them hasn’t been easy, and considering the impact of Amazon delivery speeds and accessibility, it’s no wonder more consumers haven’t made the switch. Now, thanks to Amazon Aware, customers have the option to shop climate conscious products from home essentials to fashion and even skin care.

The best deal this week is the Balancing Face Moisturizer by Amazon Aware. This Climate Pledge Friendly certified product is packed full of skin-loving ingredients like vitamin C and licorice root extract. The non-greasy, fast absorbing cream can be applied to the face and neck AM and PM to transform skin from the inside out, revealing a bright summer glow. Because Amazon Aware products must meet strict qualifications and standards for planet-friendly certifications, you can rest easily knowing that not only is this product made of sustainable materials but it was not tested on animals and is dermatologist tested to boot. The Balancing Face Moisturizer is developed for oily and combination skin, and as always, you should consult your doctor with any questions before trying a new product.

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