These IKEA Alex Drawers Dupes Are The Best Quality Knockoffs

If you follow any beauty influencer at all on TikTok, YouTube or Instagram, you’ve likely seen the infamous IKEA Alex Drawers. These popular wooden units (which come in white, brown, gray or black), are perfect for housing and organizing a variety of cosmetics and beauty supplies (you can choose from different sizes too, starting with five drawers). They even come with wheels, making them easy to move around your home.

So, if your beauty collection is “out of control,” this is the way to keep your haul neat, organized and safely stored. Says the RoyallyPink blog, “I really do think these are great drawers. They are small enough to fit in tight spaces but big enough in width and depth to fit everything you need. They are pretty perfect for makeup or even clothes.” 

For roughly $90 and up plus shipping, you too can organize all your nail polish, makeup and skin care products (and really, anything else you want in your home!) with the trendy shelving units. And the trendiness of the Alex Drawers goes beyond just what’s inside them. Do a Google search and discover hundreds of ways people have “upcycled” their units, from painting them colorful colors, to adding legs and even putting two together to make a base for a vanity or desk. If you’re just using them for simple storage, you can find these fashionable custom decals explaining what’s in them, on Etsy. 

How To Shop for Alex Drawers 

  • Decide what you’ll use it for, and how many drawers you’ll need. Some units come with five, others with nine. 
  • Determine what size the space is that you plan to keep it, to see if you’ll want a wider one or a taller, skinnier one. 
  • Choose the color you’d like your Alex Drawers to be, or if you plan to customize or DIY it using one of the many hacks found online. 
  • Decide whether it’ll be stationary, or you’ll add the wheels. 

Things That Can Go in Your Alex Drawers

  • Makeup.
  • Skincare products.
  • Nail polish.
  • Toiletries and other hygiene products.
  • Notebooks and notepads. 
  • Crafting supplies.
  • Sewing supplies.
  • Kitchen utensils. 
  • Bathroom supplies.
  • Small clothing items like tank tops, socks, bras and underwear. 
  • Laundry items. 
  • Vitamins and OTC medications. 

But, if you don’t want to spring for the real thing, there’s plenty of “dupes” aka something just like it, to be found. We’ve done the work for you! 

Best Overall Alex Drawers Dupe 

Linon Home Decor Corinne Storage Rolling Cart

linon home dupe
Image: Amazon

Why We Like It: The Corinne Six Drawer Rolling Storage Cart is a versatile storage solution for office, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere where organization is needed. Six equal-size drawers and an ample top can go next to a desk or craft table to put items within easy reach. The soft contoured handle cutout resembles the original Alex Drawers and creates a clean, modern look. And also, like the original, casters make this piece go from room to room with ease. 

Where To Get It: $50 at

Best White Alex Drawers Dupe 

Modular Chest by Simply Tidy 

simply tidy dupe
Image: Michaels

Why We Like It: This modular mobile chest from Michaels is perfect to store important documents, planners or art and craft supplies. You can easily move this storage chest and place it anywhere in your home or office. Once you’ve found a permanent spot, use the locking casters to keep it in place. It has five drawers, and the white allows it to be customized with decals or paint, just like the smaller version of the original Alex Drawers. 

Where To Get It: $69.99 at 

Best Solid Wood Alex Drawers Dupe 

Craft Mate Wood Storage Cart

craft mate dupe
Image: Big Lots

Why We Like It: This solid pine wood version blends versatility with simple, classic lines, and makes organizing any busy home or office a breeze. Six equally sized drawers offer ample space for craft supplies, toys or accessories, while wheeled casters ensure easy mobility around the space. The white finish brings warmth and visual interest to the piece. Drawers are removable for added convenience.

Where To Get It: $69.99 at 

Best Multi-Sized Drawers Alex Drawers Dupe 

Adeptus 6+2 Drawer Roll Cart

these ikea alex drawers dupes are the best quality knockoffs
Image: Walmart

Why We Like It: A towering yet compact design makes the Adeptus Six + Two Drawer Wide Roll Cart a perfect corner or desk-side unit for keeping all your at-hand necessities. This unit features eight total drawers built right into the design, with six full-extension drawers for smaller items, and two extra-deep bottom drawers that are ideal for stashing larger items. A flat-top makes this piece great to use as a nightstand or an end table. 

Where To Get It: $139.30 at 

Best Black Alex Drawers Dupe

Winsome Halifax Storage/Organization

alex drawers dupe
Image: Amazon

Why We Like It: Halifax storage carts feature a multitude of drawers for easily accessible storage in your home office, kitchen, craft room or a child’s room. Like the others, it has optional locking wheels you can use stationary or move it around. You can also choose from five or seven drawers, depending on your needs. 

Where To Get It: $106.50 at

Best 9-Drawer Alex Drawers Dupe 

Naomi Home Bianca 9 Drawer Chest

these ikea alex drawers dupes are the best quality knockoffs 1
Image: Amazon

Why We Like It: This offers the most capacity in its sturdy nine-drawer construction, but also carries the highest price tag. Like the others, it has locking wheels that can stay on or come off, is fairly easy to assemble, and has a plain white wash aesthetic that can be customized to your liking (depending on how crafty you want to get). 

Where To Get It: $199.99 at

How To Make the Most of Your Alex Drawers

Now that you’ve committed to purchasing your Alex Drawers, here’s a guide to making the most of them! 

  • Buy organizers for your Alex Drawers. Clear plastic organizers can help keep your Alex Drawers organized for easy access! 
  • Decorate or label your drawers. Depending on how crafty you are, you can DIY your drawers! 
  • Adding knobs is a nice (and fairly easy) touch for your Alex Drawers! 

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