WeightWatchers Program Just $2 Per Month for 3 Months w/ New Subscription

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Take care of your health with the latest WeightWatchers deals!

Today, June 7th only, WeightWatchers is offering 3 months for just $2/month when you purchase a 6-month Digital Plan, or the Unlimited Workshops + Digital Access Plan. Even better, the $20 starter fee will be waived.

This offer is only available to new members in participating areas, and must be purchased online; payment is due at sign-up.

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With the WeightWatchers digital program, you will get the following member perks:

  • Access to a database of over 9,000+ recipes
  • Barcode scanner so you can scan foods at the grocery store
  • Track how much water you’re drinking
  • Earn free rewards with WellnessWins, just for building healthy habits!
  • Get advice and guidance any time you need it from real WeightWatchers Coaches, 24/7
  • Find daily inspiration on Connect, the members-only digital community
  • Sync your fitness device for easy tracking

WeightWatchers plans are totally customized for your individual health goals. No two plans are exactly alike!

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The Digital 360 plan offers all the benefits of the digital plan, which you can easily access from your phone, PLUS a customized weight-loss and wellness plan, guided workouts and meditations, weekly check-in and progress report, and live & on-demand expert-led digital content.

The Unlimited Workshop + Digital Access plan offers all the benefits of the digital plan PLUS 24/7 unlimited face-to-face Coach-led sessions with other members. Meet weekly with a Coach and local members in-person or via Zoom sessions, if you’d rather check in remotely.

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Did you know that you can eat just about anything you want with WeightWatchers?

One of the best things about WeightWatchers is that you can eat just about anything in moderation, including pizza, ice cream, and more! You’ll want to try and eat sensible low-point meals most of the time so you’ll still have points for splurges (like when you want to enjoy some pizza, birthday cake, or go out with friends).

When you join WeightWatchers, you’ll take a personal assessment that assesses your eating habits, food preferences, lifestyle, and activity level. Based on your answers, you’ll be offered a fully personalized program to help you hit your weight loss goals. No two plans are the same!

You’ll even receive a personalized ZeroPoints list of foods higher in unsaturated fats, fiber, and protein and lower in added sugars and saturated fats that are worth ZERO points!

Ready to get started? Check out these WeightWatchers deals!

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WeightWatchers 6-Month Digital Membership regularly $22.95/month
Total = $137.70 (for 6 months)
Get three months for $2/month
$20 Starter Fee automatically waived
Final cost just $74.85 for 6 months due at sign-up! 

*Note that you will be charged the standard monthly fee (currently $22.95) until you cancel. An early termination fee of $42.95 applies if you cancel at any time during the first 5 months of your 6-Month Commitment Plan. Thereafter, standard cancellation policy applies. Offer available to new and rejoining members only.

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WeightWatchers Workshop + Digital 6-Month Membership regularly $44.95/month
Total = $269.70 (for 6 months)
Get three months for $2/month
$20 Starter Fee automatically waived
Final cost just $140.85 for 6 months due at sign-up!

*Plans automatically renew at the end of the applicable plan period, and you will be charged at the standard monthly fee (currently $22.95) until you cancel. Tax additional where state and local sales tax apply.  An early termination fee of $64.95 applies if you cancel at any time during the first 5 months of your 6-Month Commitment Plan.

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On the fence? Check out what readers have to say about WeightWatchers:

I jumped on a post like this last April and dropped 35 pounds (20% of my body weight) in 6 months! I feel great and credit the WeightWatchers program for helping me to make healthy and sustainable changes in my eating habits. The system allows you to choose where you use your points, so if cake is part of an important event -eat the cake! and know you will need to eat low or 0 point foods to keep yourself inline the rest of the day. I love the app where I can scan food barcodes and get a point value. It made it easier for a busy mom! Hip reader, KB

“It works!! I lost 30 lbs. last year. Look for groups on Facebook, there are a ton of very helpful support groups. You’ll find having a good grocery list and a few recipes from some seasoned pros will help. Also, seeing the before and after pics is very motivating. Meal prepping also helped me a lot.”

“What I love about WeightWatchers is that it’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle. And I don’t feel like I’m always starving or having to count calories. You can eat basically whatever you want in moderation. And because we all have those days where we want to eat the pantry, you can just deduct those extra calories out of your weekly points and still be on track with your goals.”

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