What to Buy in This Year’s Memorial Day Sales (And What to Avoid)

Warm weather is finally here for most of us! Before you go shopping for a new grill or a kiddie pool to soak your feet, we wanted to share with you the things you should be shopping for in Memorial Day sales (and the things you should avoid). Below is a list from our very own shopping experts on the best 2022 Memorial Day sales to shop.

Table of Contents

  1. Patio Furniture and Outdoor Supplies
  2. Power Tools
  3. Beach Gear and Swimwear
  4. Small Kitchen Appliances
  5. Mattresses
  6. White Sales
  7. The Unexpected
  8. What to Avoid in Memorial Day Sales

Patio Furniture and Outdoor Supplies

patio set
With warm weather in our sights, backyard items will be a big focus. Overstock.com currently has a 70% off sale, with discounts on everything from outdoor rugs to patio seating. Wayfair is another great retailer to find good deals on outdoor umbrellas, lounge chairs, and more during Memorial Day sales.

Check out more of the best patio deals here.

Power Tools

red drill
Right now is an excellent time to look for a Memorial Day sale on power tools. With Father’s Day approaching later in June, many retailers get a jump start by offering Memorial day power tool sales.

We always check the Home Depot Memorial Day sale and the Lowe’s Memorial Day sale for power tool deals. In the past, we’ve seen deals on DeWalt power tool sets, Ryobi sets, and sets from Rigid.

Beach Gear and Swimwear

women floating in a pool on a raft
Memorial Day is also opening day for most pools and beaches, so look out for deals on beach bags and towels, as well as swimwear and coolers. We’ll likely see those prices drop even further in August, though. So unless you need something for this pool season, it might be better to wait for late-summer or fall sales. But for things you need this season, Memorial Day sales are a good time to scoop them up. We’ve already seen a $6 beach towel deal, so keep an eye out!

Shop our outdoor fun deals.

Small Kitchen Appliances

small kitchen appliances
Along with the major home appliances, we also see sales on small kitchen appliances. The big names to watch in Memorial Day small appliance sales are Kohl’s and Best Buy.

Last year in the Kohl’s Memorial Day sale, we saw deals for 2 Hamilton Beach appliances for $30 or 2 Toastmaster appliances for $16, but we do expect prices to be higher this year due to inflation and supply chain issues.

Best Buy had several multi-cooker deals and we often see some small kitchen appliance deals in the Macy’s Memorial Day sale as well. If you’re in the market for an air fryer, check out the Home Depot Memorial Day sale as we’ve seen some surprisingly good prices from them in the past!

We sometimes see better deals on small kitchen appliances during Black Friday, but many of those require a mail-in rebate. So if you’re looking for more convenience with a slightly higher price tag, now may be a great time for you to shop.

Shop small kitchen appliance deals.


a teddy bear and pillow on a mattress
If you’re open to looking at a number of different brands, this will be a great time of year to upgrade your mattress. Big box stores love using this three-day weekend as an excuse to put this pricey item on sale.

We do see great mattress deals during President’s Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day sales. The mattress deals during each of these sales are usually pretty similar, so if you’re in the market for a mattress today, the Memorial Day mattress sale is a perfect time to shop.

White Sales

luxury white pillows and comfortable
If you end up upgrading your mattress during the 2021 Memorial Day sales, the great news is that you can also update your bedding at a discount, too!

We’ve seen deals on comforters and sales on sheets in the Macy’s Memorial Day sale and expect the same this year. Expect some 3-piece comforter set deals at Macy’s around the $30 price point and maybe some larger sets under $50.

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The Unexpected

various makeup brushes
This is also a time stores will put things on sale you wouldn’t necessarily expect, like skincare. Look for beauty sales at retailers like ULTA and Sephora, where everything from tanning kits to eyeshadow pallets will get a price drop. Likewise, you wouldn’t normally think to look for cold-weather gear in summer, or laptops before the back-to-school sales, but we’ve seen retailers putting up good Memorial Day sales on both.

What to Avoid In Memorial Day Sales

Home Appliances

washing machine
Normally, we see big-ticket household items like refrigerators and vacuums have noticeable price dives, but this year our editor and shopping expert Mike says not to expect it. Usually, you can expect up to 40% off major home appliances like refrigerators, ranges, and washers and dryers at Home Depot, but with chip shortages and supply chain issues expected to continue through 2024, we expect the prices to be much higher this year and in-stock quantities to be pretty low.


what to buy in this years memorial day sales and what to avoid 7

While we do see sales on grills every Memorial Day season, it is worth noting that those sale prices are still higher than the prices we see in late summer and early fall. We recommend waiting for late August and into September to buy a new grill.

That being said, if you do need a new grill for the summer season now, Memorial Day sales will have discounted prices, just not the lowest price points of the year.

What deals do you look out for on Memorial Day Weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

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