Wholly Gochujang, Gluten-Free Artisanal Korean Hot Pepper Paste (38.8 Ounce)

Entirely Gochujang is a tasty gluten-free hot pepper paste for typical Korean food preparation. It's terrific in bibimbap, dipping sauce, marinade, soup, and even stir-fry. It could likewise be utilized to spruce up lots of various other foods, if you desire to obtain innovative. Entirely Gochujang is handcrafted by jang craftsman Uk Kang from 100% natural ingredients: brown rice syrup, water, soybeans, hot pepper powder, glutinous rice, tomato, salt and also spirits. is naturally fermented using a traditional approach, and even it is unpasteurized to preserve beneficial bacteria. Given that microorganisms could be destroyed when the paste is steamed, utilize it for dipping sauce or veggie seasonings in order to improve probiotics. ABOUT ARTISAN UK KANG AND THE ART OF JANG-MAKING: Artisan Uk Kang has actually devoted the previous twenty years of his life to the art of fermentation. Uk Kang presently resides in the U.S. seeking his enthusiasm to grow global recognition for artisanal Korean jang and also authentic Korean food. He notes that the reason why makers avoid the traditional jang making technique is that it needs far more focus, effort and also fermentation time. Conventional jang is fermented with lots of strands of organic virus, whereas factory-made jang is fermented with unnaturally grown microorganisms for faster production and easier quality assurance. So, factory-made jang could have a regular taste, yet it does not embody the deep complicated flavors of the typical jang. Traditional jang, however, need to be made in a tidy environment as well as with consistent surveillance to make certain good quality as well as taste. Experienced jang craftsmans like Uk Kang have the ability to distinguish advantageous germs from undesirable microorganisms, which create undesirable flavors as well as odor. They know ways to care for jang despite changes in environment as well as surroundings. A real love and even interest for jang, together with years of effort and even persistence, are necessary to achieve the sort of artisan expertise which developed Wholly Jang.