Xmas treat for Langwarrin soldiers

Yuletide treat for Langwarrin infantrymen

ON and after 1st inst, the morning mail for Melbourne will shut at 9.15 a.m, in lieu of seven.55 a.m. *** MESSRS Brody and Mason will dangle a clearing sale at the Mechanics’ Institute, Mornington on Friday subsequent of family fixtures in the assigned estate of Mrs A. E. Bell. THE “Wattle,” Membership will hang a euchre celebration and dance in support of the W…
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BlazingPrincess Yuletide

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Alaska Ships A Capitol Christmas Tree With All Of The Trimmings

It started as a little bit tree, barely the height of an eager toddler hyped up on holiday treats, more than ninety years ago. Now, it’s all grown up — 74 ft, to be actual — and has made it to the enormous leagues: Washington, D.C. A Christmas tree in the capitol is nothing new. The custom commenced in 1964, when then-Home Speaker John McCormack (D-Mass.)…
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